Town Trail

Print off each of the eight sheets at the right and use them to follow the trail round the town, starting and finishing in front of the Town Hall.


This circular walking trail was prepared for the Millenium by Neill Bonham.  It will help you explore our town and learn about its fascinating history.

Information Boards are located on walls around the town giving information about properties and people associated with each area; and in some cases directing attention to diversions.  The various stages and diversions are marked by inserted marker stones in the pavement.  The following pages reproduce the information on the boards, but in a form that you can print and have with you as you travel round the town.  You may prefer to download and print the PDF file at the foot of this page.  You may notice that already this century some buildings and street furniture mentioned has gone.

We hope that you enjoy your exploration.  If you need further information use the PROPERTIES page of this website. 

How to follow the trail:

· Start and finish outside the Town Hall, going round the town in a clock-wise direction.  The trail will take you about 1 hour.


· The route is marked by 20 numbered Direction Markers set in the pavement.  The Pavement Markers point you to another seven Boards which tell you about nearby interesting sites—and direct you to the next Board.

· Optional detours (in italics) to other places of interest are marked  D>  on the pavement Direction Markers.




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