1675 Ogilby Road Plan

John Ogilby (1600–1676), publisher and geographer drew upon the support of the king and other patrons in the production and publication ofBritannia … an illustration of the kingdom of England and dominion of Wales: by a geographical and historical description of the principal roads thereof’ in 1675, the work for which he became best known.

Entering Glastonbury over Hartley Bridge on the causey between Sedgemoor and Cranwell Moor, passing the 23 mile post from Bristol, the first turning to Pennard is the road to Wick.  The 24 mile post is at the top of Edmund Hill and the next turning is to Wick Hollow with the Tor beyond.  The town is shown built up from the top of Bove Town to the top of Magdalene Street with the two churches identified.  The 25 mile post is at the top of Fishers' Hill where the entrance to Bere Lane is shown sign posted to Shipton Mallard.  A windmill is shown on Wearyall Hill and at the bottom of it is Bumbaley Bridge over the mill stream.  Buildings at Northover are shown between the mill stream and the Brue which is spanned by Pumpals bridge and the 26 mile post.   

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