1735 John Cannon

John Cannon was born in West Lydford in 1684.  After a period spent as an agricultural labourer and then an exciseman he became town schoolmaster and overseers’ clerk to Glastonbury's two parishes during the 1730s and early 1740s.   An analysis of his diary in the Somerset Record Office has beeen prepared by Dr Money of Victoria, British Columbia, for publication.  Cannon included in it some topographical descriptions and attempts at a few topographical drawings.
1684-1733 (Somerset, Oxfordshire, Berkshire)
John Money  978-0-19-726454-6   Hardback   2009  £55.00   O. U. P.
1734-43 (Somerset)
John Money   978-0-19-726455-3   Hardback   2010  £65.00 (both Parts)   O. U. P.
"John Cannon, known to some as 'the poor man's Pepys', was the self-taught son of a Somerset farmer. Though some episodes in Cannon's life have been partially drawn upon in other studies, this edition is the first full scale study enabling Cannon and his world to be understood in their entirety.

The manuscript he wrote over nearly 60 years offers a remarkably candid autobiography, crowded with people of all ranks in hundreds of different places, roles and occupations. His Chronicles also record virtually all aspects of change, at a social level seldom so continuously documented in any period, as they were experienced and observed in significant regions of the country, during a crucial span of British history.

Part 1 includes Cannon's unique personal account of Country Excise, in the Thames Valley, and back in Somerset. The extended Introduction places Cannon and his Chronicles in all their contexts. (Part 2 covers the period 1734-1743.)"



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