1837 Dawson

Boundary Commission plan of Glastonbury by R.K. Dawson  1837

From  Municipal Corporation Boundaries - Report of the Commissions appointed to report and advise upon the Boundaries and Wards of Certain Boroughs and Corporate Towns Ordered by the House of Commons to be Printed 25 April 1837.  Robert Kearsley Dawson (1789-1861), a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Royal Engineers prepared the boundary surveys as a result of the Reform Bill of 1831.  The map is colour coded for Boundary of the Old Municipal Borough, Proposed Boundary, Boundaries of Parishes or Townships, and Rivers. 

The country was surveyed by the commision in support of the 1832 reform bill - a major shake up of the nation's parliamentary representation.  A scale of 1 inch to the mile is used for the upper plan of the surrounding area and 4 inches to the mile for the lower, expanded street plan.


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