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      	Dame Elizabeth Periam Gass, DCVO, JP

Vice Presidents: 
      	The Mayor of Glastonbury (ex officio)
      	Mr M Brown
      	Professors B J Coles and J D Coles

      	Dr T Hopkinson-Ball 		Abbey Grange, Magdalene Street, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9EW
					        01458 830712
Vice Chairman:
	Mr N J Bonham      		53 Hill Head, GLASTONBURY, BA6 8AW 
                 	                 		01458 832657 
Hon. Secretary:   
      	Ms M Claridge

Hon. Treasurer: 
	Ms M M Archer

Hon. Librarian:
	Mr D Orchard        			20 Norbins Road, GLASTONBURY, BA4  9DX 
                            				01458 833078
Membership Secretary:
	Mrs D E Bonham    		53 Hill Head, GLASTONBURY, BA6 8AW
	                                          	01458 832657
	Ms D Abbott		Mr J Brunsdon	Mr C Driver	Ms B Frances
	Mr D Miller		Dr A Stout		Mr W Wych 


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Glastonbury Antiquarian Society
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 23rd November 2018
Before the meeting started, Tim Hopkinson-Ball welcomed Denise Abbot, Mayor of Glastonbury as de facto Vice President. The Mayor responded, saying it was a great pleasure to be present especially as she has a long background in heritage matters.  She said that the Glastonbury Town Council has passed two resolutions in support of the proposed Town Museum and hoped to be able to open it before her term of office concludes in 2019.  She added that the Tribunal building itself deserves to be better known and that the establishment of the museum will enable this to take place.
The meeting then commenced.
1. Apologies for absence: Lady Gass (President), Dawn Bonham, Elizabeth Wallace Dunlop.
2. Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting and matters arising: the minutes were approved and there were no matters arising.
3. Chairman’s Report, 2017/18 Season
Public Meetings   During the past season there were eight public meetings of the Society at which lectures were given on diverse antiquarian subjects. Field Trip   On Friday 15th June, Neill Bonham took a party of society members south into Dorset where a number of historic sites were visited - firstly Cerne Abbas (abbey remains, parish church and ‘giant’) and secondly, Mapperton House. The day was a great success and we thank Neill for arranging and leading the expedition. Library   We are grateful for the continued use of Glastonbury Library for our meetings. The use of the Society’s Library has continued this year and we are also grateful to those members who have assisted with access. The Tribunal and Lake Village Museum   As members are doubtless aware, the Tourist Information Centre has relocated to St Dunstan’s House. Glastonbury Tribunal Ltd. have now secured the lease on the Tribunal building and working in partnership with GAS and English Heritage, the ground floor of the building will be transformed into the new Glastonbury Town Museum. Jack Stagg   On Saturday 8th September, the Society held its second ‘Jack Stagg’s Day’ celebration in the Tribunal. The Mayor of Glastonbury and the Chairman formally toasted Jack’s return to Glastonbury, and Jack was installed in the downstairs back room. Drinks and nibbles were available to all who attended, and the event was rounded off with Morris dancing in the Tribunal Garden. Approximately 70 people attended over the afternoon. Jack is again now on public display. Thanks to Paul Ashdown who arranged so much of this event. Website   Please do continue to make use of the Society’s excellent website. It can be found at: New images and information are continually being added by Neill, as are updates to the details of forthcoming events. We are grateful to those GAS members who loan articles or images to be copied and added to the website for the benefit of all. If you have ideas about improving the website, or if you have anything you would like to contribute, please contact Neill Bonham at    
Membership   Since the 2017 AGM the membership of 27 people has lapsed. 12 new members make a current total of 152 members. This year the attendance at lectures has averaged 44. Email   The Committee has responded to new data protection regulations and agreed a data protection policy for GAS in August this year.  We continue to reduce our administrative costs by communicating digitally where possible, although we appreciate that not everyone has access to a computer. There is the added complication of different versions of operating systems, different file formats and changing email addresses, which have been causing difficulties with some members. Please let us have any changes to your email address by emailing Neill Bonham at with ‘GAS’ as the subject heading. If you do not use emails but know someone who does who would pass copies on to you, please ask him/her to email Neill.  Thanks   I am grateful to the officers, committee members and members of GAS for their contribution to the smooth running of the Society, and especially to those members who enhance our lecture programme with the fruits of their own expertise and research.  If you would like me to include your own contribution in a future programme, please contact me at:; also please give the committee any feedback regarding how you think the society could be improved. As ever, special thanks is extended to Neill for managing our website and organising the fieldtrip.
The Chair also requested the Society’s members to come forward with suitable artefacts for loan to the proposed Town Museum. 
4. Presentation of the Accounts to 31st August 2018: these were adopted by the meeting.
5. Election of Officers and Committee   
The following were elected:  
Chairman:                                          Dr T F Hopkinson-Ball Vice Chairman:                                  Mr N J Bonham Hon. Secretary:   Ms M Claridge Hon. Treasurer:                                 Ms M Archer Membership Secretary:                        Mrs D Bonham Committee:                                         Mr J Brunsdon, Mr W Wych, Dr A Stout, Mr P Ashdown,  Mr C Driver, Ms E Walker, Mr D P B Miller & Mr D Orchard. 
6. Any other business
6.1 There was a short discussion following a question on the funding of the Town Museum.  The Chair said that the entrance money to the Lake Village exhibition will continue to constitute the Society’s contribution to the running of the Tribunal.  John Brunsdon added that although funding for the redevelopment of the museum is being sought by Glastonbury Tribunal Ltd, it is not a foregone conclusion and any contributions from the members of the Society will be welcomed.
6.2 The Chair said that new data had been received from Richard Brunning on the Lake Village field which is threatened by the dry summer of 2018.  Richard Brunning will be working with Historic England to mitigate any damage.
6.3 The Chair reminded members who pay their subscriptions by standing order that they should amend instructions to their bank to ensure that the correct £10 subscription is paid.
The meeting then closed.
The Chairman, Dr Tim Hopkinson-Ball, then presented an address on The Forgotten Novel: Glastonbury in Historic Fiction​

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