David Orchard in the Societys old libraryThe Society’s library was founded in 1885 and then extended as many early members donated their own libraries to the Society.  The Society also has a purchase policy to ensure that relevant contemporary material is added as it is published.  The library is now based in the County Library in Archers Way and its catalogue can be accessed via the Somerset County Council’s website.  We are most grateful to the County Council for its help, which makes it possible for our Library to remain available in Glastonbury.

Access may be obtained by contacting the Society’s Hon. Librarian:

Mr David Orchard, 20 Norbins Road, Glastonbury BA6 9JF

Tel: (01458) 833078

Mobile: 077 17 44 27 47

Mr Orchard is usually present at the library on Mondays, between 2pm and 4pm or at other times by previous arrangement.


The Society's libary within Glastonbury's Archers Way Library

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