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The Armoury No 01

Chaingate Mill

1844 Tythe No 360 house and building owned by Peter Bath

Chaingate Mill at rear of The Armoury. The site lies within the area of the medieval precinct of the abbey and may occupy the site of an earlier mill. The frontage buildings occupy medieval building plots. The mill is a large stone building with little machinery remaining although there are still mill stones on the first floor. There are probably grain bins in the roof and a hoist remains. It is impossible to explain how the mill worked from the present remains and it is not certain if there ever was a millwheel. There was however a steam engine in the E end of the mill with the base of the boiler remaining. The mill is now in a very dangerous condition with collapsed walls on the N side. The lias wall on the E of the site probably represents the line of a medieval property boundary There are millstones in a series of steps between the mill and the orchard. The mill demolished in April 1979.

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